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110 Bergila !!

To celebrate the 110th anniversary, our sponsor¬†Bergila presents the latest in the theme of essential oil synergies: Signature 110. Since 1912 Bergila has distilled precious essences and this synergy is the result of the centennial passion for this activity! The oil of seven different conifers that represent the basis of the company’s tradition combined with […]

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On November 22 pv at the magnificent center of Therme Bussloo (Bloemenksweg 38, 7383 RN Voorst Gem Voorst, Netherlands), the meeting of the WM Aufguss board members will take place. All delegates from the countries participating in the Federation will be present, Japan will be present for the first time and there will be the […]

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AISA Exam Commission

Since its beginning, AISA has aimed to make the figure of the Aufgussmeister more and more professional, promoting, for this pourpose, the creation of training schools that were on the one hand autonomous in operations and management but which, under the aegis of AISA, had common addresses on the topics to be treated and homogeneous […]

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