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Sauna and Fitness

Sauna and Fitness

The warm and humid environment of the sauna allows muscles, tendons and ligaments to work safely while releasing toxins and congestions in the body.

Starting from this simple principle, it is easy to understand what benefits can be obtained by practicing low-intensity physical activity in the sauna.

For some years now, Bikram Yoga (also known as Hot Yoga) has been in vogue, which consists of a sequence of 26 positions performed in rooms heated to a temperature ranging between 38 and 40 ° C.

The next step was to bring fitness directly into the Sauna: Muscle Relaxation and Muscle Flexibility Rituals were devised, combining a sequence of simple poses performed in a state of balance between effort and ease.

Gentle movements practiced in the calm atmosphere of the sauna enhance body and mind, relieving physical tension and calming the flow of thoughts. The warmth and scent of the wood help to create a relaxing experience. The “Muscle Relaxation” in the Sauna makes the muscles elastic, giving the feeling of having the spine and joints as warmed by hot oil.

These Rituals can be of 15 – 20 minutes if carried out in Bio Saunas and in Russian Banya, or even in Finnish Saunas provided they are wisely ventilated by the Sauna Master: a sequence of static positions and deep breaths will be carried out. A real challenge to harmonize mind, breath and body.

We can therefore conclude that fitness in the sauna gives those who practice it benefits at 360 °, giving an energizing feeling for the body by increasing the metabolism, reducing stress and relaxing the mind by facilitating sleep.

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