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Classic Aufguss

Classic Aufguss

The classic aufguss is the basis of the aufguss.

The Aufguss Classico is an Aufguss without music, with the use of the 4 classic waving techniques (helicopter – flag – shovel – comb) and essential oils not researched paying attention to the base-heart-head sequence, with the possibility of using even 1 fragrance for the entire ritual. It takes place in “religious” silence, aimed at the relaxation of the guests, who with their eyes closed, concentrate only on the noises existing inside the cabin produced by the water, by its evaporation, and by the air moved by the towel. A variant of the Aufguss Classico is the Aufguss Relax which sometimes includes the addition of romantic, relaxing and very low volume music.

The role of the teacher is even more important than the other types of Aufguss, since there is no use of music, costumes, or sets capable of involving the guest. When I am in charge of celebrating this type of ritual, I therefore have to make use only of my personality, to try to bring those in front of me in the sauna to a deep state of relaxation.

I use a calm tone of voice during the presentation, I try to be empathetic and the gestures are slow: calmly towards the water and slowly the flavored ice spheres on the stove. The sizzle of water and ice in contact with hot stones interrupt, but at the same time accompany, the surrounding silence. The towel begins to twirl and spread the aromas of essential oils throughout the sauna. The movements are slow, simple and at the same time effective. The goal is to wrap those present in a warm “blanket” made of air and perfumes. With a smile, I look for the gaze of those in front of me, there are those who smile back and those who are relaxing with their eyes closed.

During the 3 ventilation cycles, the air gets warmer and warmer; the movements with the towel are made, at the end, a little more energetic, this also to bring those present to experience the desired “shiver of heat”.

We are at the end, any relaxed and smiling faces, as you leave the sauna, are proof that I have succeeded in my intent in making them feel good.

I too feel good, perhaps a little tired, but recharged with enthusiasm for the next rite.

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