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Board of Directors

In office since 28 November 2021

Renewal: 2024

Renato Sonego

Renato Sonego



  • entrepreneur
  • Aufguss Master Course 2014 – Cron4, Brunico (BZ)
  • First aid course 2014 – Notmed.it
  • Theoretical and practical course dedicated to the distillation and use of essential oils for therapeutic, cosmetic and holistic purposes
  • Refresher course “Aufguss with salt and scrub” 2015 – Cron4, Brunico (BZ)
  • Refresher course “Aufguss with birch and Banja branches” 2015 – Cron4, Brunico (BZ)
  • Creating Blends and Mixing Organic Essential Oils 2015 – Bergila
  • Aufguss Master Course 2016 AISA-AIA- Hotel Ideal Park Laives (BZ)
  • Aufguss and Wellness Course 2015 AISA-LOYLY-AUFGUSS WM- Aquarius Magnago in Riviera (UD)
  • Aromatherapeutic Aufguss 2016 – Loyly Masters
  • MasterClass Aufguss 2016 – Rob Keijzer – AISA-Aquardens S.Lucia di Pescantina (VR)
  • Advanced course of Aufguss Show 2016 – AISA-TOWELL-AUFGUSS WM-LOYLY-CROSSFIT CRABS – Cassola (VI)
  • Working with essential oils 24.07.2016 Loylymasters & Aufguss.it
  • 2nd Level Scrub and Steam Course 2017 at Kosmic Fitness & Spa-Pordenone
  • Essential oils and scrub course 18-19.11.2017 c / o Bergila, Falzes (BZ)
  • Level 2: Creating total-experiences in sauna January 2018 Loylymasters
  • Best of Us, Show aufguss and advanced waving techniques training, 10-11 March 2018, Cassola (VI)
Dott. Riccardo Marzi

Dott. Riccardo Marzi



  • Degree in Electronic Engineering ind. Biomedical
  • Aufgussmeister course – Cron4 2011
  • postgraduate course Aufgussmeister – Cron4 2013
  • co-founder Aufguss.it
  • “Loylymasters Instructor Course” – Loylymasters Aufguss Academy 18-21 / 08/2015 – ThermenR Roeselare / Waer Waters Brussels – Belgium
  • refresher course “Working Herbal Treatments in Sauna” – Loylymasters Aufguss Academy 11-12 / 02/2016 – Thermen Bussloo Netherlands
  • L2 Loylymasters “Creating total Experiences in Sauna”
  • L1 Loylymasters “” Smoking Rituals “
Simone Rossi

Simone Rossi



  • Business owner
  • Aufguss Master Course 2016 c / o Hotel Ideal Park – Laves (BZ)
  • “Working with Essential Oils in Sauna” course – Loylymasters- July 2016
  • “Best of us” Advanced Techniques Course July 2016
Dott. Gabriele Torresan

Dott. Gabriele Torresan


Degree in Sociology of Communication
Entrepreneur from 1994 to 2017, management consultant since 2018
University professor
Aufgussmeister course at Aufguss Italian Academy in 2019
Tibetan bells basic course at Emotions of the East in 2019
Tibetan bells 1st level course at Epoka in 2019
Tibetan bells 2nd level course at Epoka in 2020
Tibetan bells course 3rd level (master) at Epoka in 2021
Master singing bowls and gongs at Himalayan Sound Healing in Nepal in 2023
AISA “Professional scrub training” course in 2023
Workshop “Music in the aufguss” in 2023
Teacher of the “Tibetan bells in the sauna” lessons during the AISA basic courses for Aufgussmeister
Teacher of “Tibetan bells in the sauna” at the 2nd level AISA courses for Aufgussmeister

Dott. Paolo Dell'Omo

Dott. Paolo Dell'Omo

Consiglio Direttivo

Co-Founder of AISA in 2014

AISA Vice President until November 2018

AISA President from November 2018 to November 2021

AISA Board Member from December 2021 to present with responsibility for:

  • relations with Aquardens;
  • relations with the institutions for the recognition of the professional figure Aufgussmeister;
  • relations with FederAlberghi Terme;
  • organization of Italian Championship;
  • co-organization AISA on Tour

Supervision of educational activities of AISA schools since 2015

Co-Editor module dispensation AISA since 2015

Editor vademecum for AISA tutors

Member of AISA Examination Commission

Organizer responsible for the Italian Championship Aufguss WM from 2016 to date

Cash Collection Auditor Aufguss WM from 2019 to November 2021

Judge Italian Championship Aufguss WM 2021

Co organizer of several national and international events

Co organizer of the Decennial Championships Event 2017 Cron4 Brunico

Participations in the Italian Aufguss Championship 2014 2018 with the following results:

  • 2nd place Italian Championship single 2014
  • 4th place Italian Championship team 2015
  • 2nd place Italian Championship single 2016
  • 2nd place Italian Championship team 2016
  • 5th place Italian Team Championship 2017

Qualified 3 times to the final phase of the WM Aufguss World Championship in the editions:

  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2017

Activities of national and international relations with the associations of other countries since 2015

Relationship activities with the most important stakeholders of the sector since 2015

Relation activities with institutional functions since 2015

Aufguss Master Course 2013 Cron4, Brunico

Specialization Oil Blends 2014 Cron4, Brunico

Specialization in Waving Technique 2014 Cron4, Brunico

Specialization course Rob Keijzer 2015 Aquardens, Verona

Various experiences in the most important national and international saunas from 2014 until today


Degree in Pharmacy University of Florence, enrolled in the Order of Pharmacists of Verona

Specialization in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management SDA Bocconi Milan Master in Hygiene and Health Prevention University of Florence

Graziano Barberini

Graziano Barberini

Consiglio Direttivo

  • IT consultant in Document Management, BPM, ERP
  • Founding partner of an IT company operating in the Triveneto.
  • Judge “Aufguss Fantasy” 2012 – Acquain, Andalo (TN)
  • Judge “Aufguss Fantasy” 2013 – Acquain, Andalo (TN)
  • Qualification Round Judge Aufguss WM 2014 – Cascade, Campo Tures (BZ)
  • President of the Jury “Aufguss Fantasy” 2014 – Acquain, Andalo (TN)
  • Qualification Round Aufguss WM 2015 Judge
  • Judge “Aufguss Fantasy” 2015 – AcquaIN Andalo (TN)
  • Judge Qualification Round Aufguss WM 2016
  • Italian Final Judge Aufguss WM 2016 – Asmana
  • President of the Jury “Aufguss Fantasy” 2016 – AcquaIN Andalo (TN)
  • Qualification Round Aufguss WM 2017 Judge
  • Italian Final Judge Aufguss WM 2017 – Aquardens
  • President of the Jury “Aufguss Fantasy” 2017 – AcquaIN Andalo (TN)
  • Qualification Round Aufguss WM 2018 Judge
  • Italian Final Judge Aufguss WM 2018 – Aquardens
  • Judge “Aufguss Fantasy” 2018 – AcquaIN Andalo (TN)
  • Qualification Round Aufguss WM 2019 Judge
  • Italian Final Aufguss WM 2019 Judge – Aquardens
  • Jury President of the Italian Final Aufguss WM 2021 – Aquardens
  • Jury President of the Italian Final Aufguss WM 2022 – Aquardens
  • AISA Board of Directors 2014 – 2024
Nicola Fabbianelli

Nicola Fabbianelli

Consiglio Direttivo

  • Industrial sector of marble – Trento
  • Instructor at the Aufguss Master Course 2012-2013 (Cron4)
  • 2013-2015 responsible for the Juta Saunas Center – Trento
  • President of the Aufguss Fantasy 2010-2011-2012-2013 Championship Jury (AcquaIN Andalo)
  • Member of the 2014 Aufguss Fantasy Championship Jury (AcquaIN Andalo)
  • President of the Jury VII edition “Aufguss Fantasy” – 25/10/2015 – AcquaIN Andalo (TN)
Rag. Franz Niederkofler

Rag. Franz Niederkofler

Consiglio Direttivo

  • Manufacturer of essential oils and herbal products
  • Owner of the BERGILA company
  • Accounting Diploma
  • Distiller of essential oils
  • Pranotherapist
  • Bionaturopath
  • Phytotherapy courses
  • Aromatherapy and chemistry of essential oils courses
  • Instructor of the Aufguss Cron4 teacher school since 2010
  • Speaker of various courses with the topics: distillation of essential oils, creation of essential oil blends, correct use of essential oils in the sauna.
  • Member of the International Jury of the Aufguss World Championships
Luigi Silva

Luigi Silva

Consiglio Direttivo

  • Instructor at the Aufguss Master Course 2012-2013 (Cron4)
  • 2009-2011 in charge of the Masters of Wellness at Termemilano – Milan
  • Instructor at the Masters of Sauna training course for the QC Terme Group (Bagni di Bormio, Terme di Prè St. Didier, Termemilano, Termemonza).
  • Administrator of the FB Group “For those who love Saunas” (over 500 members)
  • Administrator of FB Group “Cron4” (over 2,300 members) l
  • Since 2006 Moderator of the eXtraVillage Forum (with a large section dedicated to Saunas and Wellness in general)
  • Judge of the Aufguss European Championship 2009 (Cron4 – Italy)
  • Judge of the Aufguss World Championship 2011 (Cron4 – Italy)
  • Judge International Aufguss Trophy 2012 (Cron4 – Italy)
  • Judge Aufguss WM 2013 (Satama – Germany)
  • Judge Aufguss WM 2014 (Therme Bussloo – Holland)
  • Judge Aufguss WM 2015 (Therme & amp; Badewelt Sinsheim – Germany)
Andreas Kofler

Andreas Kofler

Consiglio Direttivo

Thomas Tedesco

Consiglio Direttivo

Dott. Francesco Milanese

Dott. Francesco Milanese

Consiglio Direttivo

Freelance psychologist, family mediator, Mindfultrainer and trainer at public and private institutions.

Aufguss Master Course 2015 – Cron4, Brunico (BZ)
MasterClass Aufguss 2016 – Rob Keijzer – AISA-Aquardens S.Lucia di Pescantina (VR)
AISA Tutor Course ℅ Kosmik PN 2021

Italian Champion Aufguss Fantasy 2015 (Andalo championship)
– 12th place Aufguss Single Absolute Italian Championship 2015 – Cascade, Campo Tures (BZ)
– 12th place in pairs in the absolute Italian championship – Florence 2016
– 7th place in pairs Absolute Italian Championship -Verona 2017

Member of Aisa dalla Fondazione, commissioner for the development of the AISA Code of Ethics
Member of the Ethics Commission from the foundation until 2019.
Lecturer for the subjects of communication and MdS ethics at various AISA recognized schools
Editor of the relative modules for the AISA training dispensation

Judge at the 1st Aufguss Trophy without Borders Kosmik 2018
Member of the AISA exam commission since 2021

Pamela Picelli

Pamela Picelli

Consiglio Direttivo

-Co Founder since 2018 of “Sauna che Passione” A group made up of passionate sauna enthusiasts, which organizes Aufguss and Scrub events.
-Basic course Aufgussmeister Scuola Luigi Silva/Mario Santini Aquardens 2019
– Participation in Aufguss Without Borders 2019 edition
-Second Level Scrub course with Marco Manni and sculpture scrub at Bergila 2020
– First level singing bowl course Mestrino 2020
– Swedish massage course De Sibio Udine 2020
– Tutor course at kosmic in Pordenone 2021
-Help instructor basic techniques Basic course for Aufgussmeister school Aufguss Italian Academy by Nicola Fabbianelli 2021
-Tutor training and updating at Acquain Andalo 2022
– Organization of the basic course in collaboration with Aufguss Italian Academy Nicola Fabbianelli and assistant instructor Abano Terme c/o Hotel Bristol Buja 2023

Maurizio Tobaldini

Revisore dei Conti

Gianpaolo Karis

Revisore dei Conti