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Aufguss Fusion was born from the great passion of three guys towards the world of saunas and all its facets. Our goal is to make available all our experience gained over the last ten years during our daily work, training courses in which we have participated, competitions and experiences abroad which have allowed us to expand our knowledge to 360 degrees towards the world of saunas, aufguss, steam baths and wellness rituals. All this starting from an innovative training method that aims to help and continue to follow even after training the people who will participate and want to improve themselves day by day. We will put all our commitment, seriousness, professionalism, dedication to work and empathy in order to continue to grow the culture of this beautiful world that we are in love with.
In detail, the Aufguss Fusion school will deal with:
 – AISA certified basic courses and tutoring in order to obtain the official Sauna Master Diploma issued by AISA;
– Advance waiving technics courses level 1-2-3 (1-2 day course);
– Essential oils courses level 1-2 (1 day course);   – Smoke ritual courses, relaxing rituals, meditations with Tibetan bells and sound baths (1-2 day course);
– Aufguss show preparation courses aimed at personal pleasure or to be competitive for a competition (1-2 day course);
– Courses on the use of herbs and infusions (1 day course);
– Scrub creation courses level 1-2 (1 day course);
– Creation of innovative events and/or competitions;
– Consultancy for wellness centers and luxury hotels;
– ⁠Personalized preparation for competitions: Italian aufguss show championship, Modern-classic championship, Herbal cup, Master freestyle and World championship freestyle Battle Gladiator (1-2 day course);
– ⁠Private consultancy for a single person based on required needs.

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The culture of the sauna has developed extremely in recent years and the demands of the guests have increased.

Especially in the hotel sector, a lot of investment has been made and large structures have been built. Now is the time to fill them with life.

For this you need a competent staff. The offer can be expanded through targeted marketing campaigns and sauna events.

We come from practice and teach for practice.

Today’s guest wants to be well advised, the jets must be made in a contemporary way and according to the latest health standards.

With our innovative training concept, we train your staff in all aspects of the “sauna”.

In addition to the castings performed correctly, health aspects, applications in the steam room, advice and much more are covered.


Do you want to build a new sauna or wellness area? Or have you already built one and would like to know how to best manage it and attract guests?

We analyze your business and are happy to advise you.


Do you want personal coaching on the castings?

We will be happy to accompany you and give you important tips and tricks so that you can inspire your guests.


Do you want to organize sauna events for your guests?

We can help you with our experience.

We can take care of the entire organization or advise you on individual points. Same if you need an international aufgussmeister or just a great support program.


Kofler Andreas (+ 39 348 2240980)

Interior architect, world champion in sauna throwing 2010, 3 times Italian champion

Holzknecht Patrik (+ 39 388 8122445)

Fitness and sauna trainer, certified Aufgussmeister, sports instructor, member of the international Aufguss WM jury.

The courses for Aufgussmeister take place only in German.

Aufguss Italian Academy was born mainly to form the figure of the Aufgussmeister in the sauna (Aufgussmeister).

We also organize courses for the training of operators for Wellness, Beauty and SPA centers, using highly experienced external professionals.

We are available for advice, in the organization and design of wellness centers and saunas, event organization, personalized courses even directly in hotels or spas.

Our Higher Education courses:

  • Course for Aufgussmeister certified by AISA (Italian Association of Saunas and Aufguss)
  • Turkish bath scrub course (basic and advanced level)
  • Advanced waving techniques course
  • Wellness center management and sales techniques
  • Marketing and Management for Beauty, Wellness and SPA centers

& nbsp;

Aufguss.it Training School is the Aufgussmeister school of the Aufguss.it association which has been organizing training initiatives related to sauna and Aufguss since 2014.

Aufguss.it organizes the Basic Course for Aufgussmeister, recognized by AISA and preparatory to the issue of the AISA Diploma, as well as various advanced specialization courses for Aufgussmeister, such as:

  • Advanced ventilation techniques
  • Scrub in the steam cabin
  • Aufguss show

Aufguss.it also organizes Loylymaster courses in Italy dedicated to essential oils and natural flavors with materials and simultaneous translation in Italian.

  • Level 1: Working with essential oils in the sauna (2 days)
  • Level 2: Create a total sauna experience (2 days)
  • Relaxing and meditative smoke rituals in Aufguss (2 days)

Aufguss.it training school also organizes personalized courses dedicated to its collaborators and employees for professional operators (Hotels, Spas and Wellness Centers).

Since 2016, the School, sponsored by AISA, has been organizing the Basic Course for Aufguss / Aufgussmeister Master, with a final exam to obtain the Aufgussmeister Degree, issued by AISA (Italian Association of Saunas and Aufguss)
The basic course is aimed at all those who want to deepen their passion, but also to those who, of the Aufgussmeister, would like to make it a profession.

And also:

– Advanced ventilation techniques courses
– Basic and advanced Scrub courses
– Organization of information days and approach to the world of the sauna
– Organization of Wellness Events in Spa