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Over the years AISA has formulated guidelines for the training course dedicated to those who aspire to become Masters of Aufguss (MdA) / Aufgussmeister recognized by the association and to subsequently participate in the association life.

This path begins with the Basic Course for Aufgussmeister / Maestro di Aufguss (MdA). The course aims to provide those who attend it with a wealth of knowledge essential for correct behavioral practice in the various saunas, during a jet of steam, or the other rituals that take place there. It aims to make known the tradition of well-being, the origin and history of saunas, the types and correct use of the cabins, the health aspects in the practice of the sauna, the essential oils used during the Aufguss, the effect and the preparation of a scrub, knowledge of the Kneipp method and an in-depth theoretical and practical training of the Aufguss ritual.

The course is held by schools which are committed to following contents and guidelines and which, in this sense, are recognized by AISA for associative training under the supervision of an AISA Instructor Course Director. The course is based on an in-depth theoretical and practical training lasting 40 hours, including 25 hours of theory and 15 hours of practice; the topics will be treated by AISA instructors, certified Aufgussmeister with proven experience and highly qualified speakers.
In particular, for the health aspects of the use of the sauna and first aid, essential oils will be taught by a doctor and / or health professional, by an expert on the subject (Producer, Naturopath or Instructor in possession of a certificate that clearly specifies the competence in the matter).
The course has as its theoretical basis the AISA Handout, supplemented by the contents presented by the speakers during the lectures.

At the end of the course, before the final exam, the student will have to perform a tutoring course aimed at perfecting the practical execution of the ritual. The tutor will have to carry out 12 Aufguss, of which at least 2 Scrubs in the steam bath, in which he will be supervised by a Tutor, Aufgussmeister who has graduated and / or recognized by Aisa for at least two years.

Once the training and tutoring course has been completed, the candidate will have to take a theoretical and practical exam on the topics covered during the course, to be carried out strictly within 12 months from the end of the course, except in cases of force majeure. Once the exam has been successfully passed the Aufgussmeister Aisa diploma will be issued to the new teacher, with the marks obtained.

For more information, write to: scuole@aisa.it
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