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Kosmic Therme Romane


Viale della Libertà 60, 33170 Pordenone   


Friuli Venezia Giulia

Opening Hours:

Invernale, da ottobre ad aprile: da lunedì a venerdì dalla 9:00 alle 22:00, sabato dalle ore 09:00 alle ore 19:00, domenica dalle 11:00 alle ore 19:00;
Estivo, da maggio a settembre: da lunedì a venerdì dalla 9:00 alle 22:00, sabato dalle ore 09:00 alle 19:00.

Textile (use of swimsuit in the sauna):

Textile Sauna

Other Services:

tropical mists, frigidarium, garden with lake view, swimming pool heated to 30 ° C with whirlpools, Kneipp path, outdoor solarium, emotional showers, relaxation room, gym, squash court, possibility of massages, yoga lessons, functional course / body flying / pilates / aerobics / analgesic / water aerobics / postural, meditation and gong baths, bar, towel hire



Daily Capacity:

Less than 60 entries

Discount reserved for AISA members:



The Multifunctional Center was born in the late eighties from the brilliant and visionary mind of my uncle Martino Zanette, with the aim of revolutionizing the concept of shape and health.
The term Kosmic means that “micro-cosmos” which is the body, which should not be understood only in the physical sense, but also embraces the mind and soul. Psycho-physical well-being is, in fact, a harmonious state of health, where the perfect functionality of the organism is combined with the mind and spirit.
With this philosophy of life, my uncle created the Kosmic in 2002, the strength of which is represented by an extension of the concept of a gym, a place that acts as a meeting and relational point for people.
This style of “doing fitness” was later adopted by my aunt Regina Zanette, who faithfully was able to follow in the footsteps but above all the intentions of her brother Martino.
Today, the Kosmic extends over a park of 20,000 square meters with its thermal structure built on the model of the unfinished Central Baths of Pompeii and the great Roman imperial baths.
On an area of ​​3,000 square meters there is a panoramic SPA with heated swimming pool, saunas, Turkish baths, gyms, squash court and outdoor life paths.
A refined and seductive place in which to pleasantly dedicate oneself to the care of one’s body and the regeneration of the spirit. All in the name of the highest quality of service, guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience in single-family management dedicated entirely to the well-being of the guest.

Room/Facility specifications

Facilities present in the center:  2

Laconicum (Finnish)

90 °C
15% humidity
30 seats
Aufguss: Yes

Floor plans and documents (1)
Laconicum (Finnish)

Sudatorium (Steam room)

45 °C
100% humidity
16 seats
Aufguss: Yes

Sudatorium (Steam room)