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Aufguss Without Borders 2018


28 - 30 September 2018


Kosmic Therme Romane

Viale della Liberta' 60
33170 Pordenone

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In 2018 was born on 28/30 September in Italy the 1st trophy "Aufguss without Borders", in the splendid setting of the Kosmic Therme Romane of Pordenone.
The idea was born from the need to bring the new Meisters closer to the world of competitions, and is’t so that Renato Sonego, Amorino Teston and Fabio Della Bianca, with the collaboration of Meister from Friuli, study a new formula that without a score or a ranking, allows you to get in the game.

No rankings but prizes for:
best classic tour:   Enrico Fiorindo
best modern tour: Davide Castelli
best tour show:     Massimo Pellegrina

In the synergy among competitions, AISA guarantees participation in the Aufguss Fantasy of Andalo to the best Aufguss with imagination and at unquestionable judgment of the Jury, Thomas Tedesco, Michela Zerial and Luciano di Venuta are registered as well as a special mention for the very young 16 years old Luis Miguel Nunez.
Even the jury deliberately chosen by the organizers at their first experience if you exclude the veteran Jury President Alessandro Pitteri and the international Danish judge Lay Pang Ong.

On the same dates, the 1st Italian Aufguss Scrub Cup contest valid for qualification at the Herbal Cup International Sauna:

  1. Alex Piemonte
  2. Michela Zerial
  3. Anna Recla