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Aufguss World Championship WM 2023


11 - 16 September 2023


Satama Sauna Resort & SPA

Strandstraße 12, 15864 Wendisch Rietz (DE)


The 2023 AufgussWM World Championships took place at the Satama Sauna Resort & SPA in Germany.

For Italy, the top three classified in each category in the Italian Championship plus those classified in the playoffs participated, namely:

For the single:

Michael Niedermair
Alberto Grazioli
Jonathan Salvemini
Massimo Gelli

For the team:

Simone Mannelli & Massimo Gelli & Mattia Fortunati Rossi
Michael Niedermair & Katarzyna Klajn
Elia Beghini & Francesesco Sava & Letizia Raho
Sibilla Lovato & Alexia Edusi Mincone

This year's event, which marks the 10th anniversary of Aufguss WM, was the largest sauna event scheduled so far with 40 individuals and 40 teams and for this 5 days of qualification were needed (16 aufguss per day) and a day for the final, involving the participation of 17 different nationalities!

The first classified in each category of the qualifying days advance to the final, the other three through a repechage of the 3 best scores among the 5 days.

Three Italian representatives qualified for the final and all three managed to get on the podium with a splendid second place for Michael Niedermair with his "7even".
Michael Niedermair himself together with Katarzyna Klajn also took second place in the teams with "Copelius".
A great third place was also achieved by the team composed of Elia Beghini & Letizia Raho & Francesco Sava who brought "The song of the sisters" to the sauna.

This edition will also be remembered for the victory of the Japanese teams in this nation's second participation in the championships!

This is the final podium:




Photo of the competition
1th day
2th day
3th day
4th day
5th day

Video della competizione
1th day
2th day
3th day
4th day
5th day

Credits: AufgussWM, Ryszard Rak