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European Championship AUFGUSS-EM 2015


At the European Championship 2015, 22 Champions from 12 european countries were invited.
The invitation was made, based on the Saunarankig and based on the results 2014 (the podium Aufguss-WM and Sauna-WM), besides a Wild Card for the last winner of the European Championship held in 2009 at Cron4 in Riscone - Brunico, NicolaFabbianelli.

The European Championship, conceived and organized by Andreas Kofler (Italian Champion Aufguss 2007-2008 and World Champion Aufguss-WM 2010) and Patrik Holzknecht, presents a new championship formula, which includes a first round of Aufguss Classic in Team and a second round of individual Aufguss Show.

1. Enrico Ganassin (7.513,831 PT)
2. Nicola Fabbianelli (7.445,393 PT)
3. Rob Keijzer (7.372,375 PT)


Sauna EM 2015 - Trailer

Hotel Quellenhof - Merano

Eventsauna im Hotel Quellenhof delux

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Rob Keijzer

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Helmuth Haller

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Attila Tompek

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Tibor Zsebedics

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Dirk van Offel

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Pavel Hofrichter (giuria)

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Patrik Holzknecht (organizzatore)

Sauna Magazin - Interview with Nicola Fabianelli and Andreas Holzknecht

Enrico Ganassin - European Champion 2015

Südtirol Digital Fernsehen - Sauna EM Quellenhof

European championships aufguss in Val Passiria

Press conference AISA e SAUNA EM 24.04.2015

AUFGUSS EM 2015 Highlights

Sauna Aufguss WM 2015 - Helli Haller Aufguss-Weltmeister 2011

Sauna WM 2015 - Sauna-Aufguss Italienmeisterin Tanja Ennemoser

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