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Fifth World Sauna-WM Championship 2013


26 - 27 October 2013

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New in 2013 for the 5th Sauna-WM World Championship, from this year in the various European countries, some preliminary qualifications are foreseen; in Italy at the Hotel Viktoria, the jury consists of Christian Govi president, Marianna Cognola and Alex Bauer, and among the 8 participants, qualify for the world championship, Cristian Bonapersona and Arianna Miotto, first and second place respectively:

  1. Cristian Bonapersona
  2. Arianna Miotto
  3. Luca Brighi
  4. Fabio Bolla
  5. Renato Cazzolato

The final stage of the World Championship was held at the Alpenthermen in Austria; it was not a particularly favorable year for our bearers so much so that the 2 Italians, classified at 13. place Cristian Bonapersona and 25. place Arianna Miotto.

1. Dirk Van Oeffel (BEL)
2. Christian Lohrengel (GER)
3. Fabian Van Dijk
4. Visar Bytygi (GER)
5. Izabela Zoladz (POL)

Dirk Van Oeffel (BEL) World Champion 2013 SAUNA-WM


Sauna WM 2013 presentazione

Sauna WM 2013

Sauna WM 2013

Sauna WM 2013 - Dirk Van Offel