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Fourth Aufguss Fantasy Championship 2012


13 - 14 October 2012


ACQUAIN Wellness

Viale del Parco, 1

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For the fourth appointment at Acquain di Andalo this is the list of participants:

10 am opening of the wellness center
12.45 pm presentation of the jury and competitors
1 pm I drive and Julian in Finnish
1.45 pm alex and marianna in the bio-sauna
2.30 pm roberto morello in Finnish
3.15 pm francesca and anna in the bio-sauna
4 pm giuliano grigolo and riccardo marzi in finnish
4.45 pm luca brighi in the bio-sauna
5.30 pm dina in Finnish
0re 18.15 giovanni baietta in the bio-sauna
7 pm diego and beppe in finnish
8.45 pm cristian buonpersonona and erica in Finnish
9.30 pm andrea Turkish in the bio-sauna
10.15 pm enrico villanova in Finnish
11 pm fabrizio and yanet in the bio-sauna
11.45 pm marco gardelli in Finnish
24.30 winner award ceremony
1.30 aufguss of the winner

This is the podium:

1 Alex and Marianna 20.79
2 Francesca and Anna 19.49
3 Cristian and Erica 18.62