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Freestyle Masters Sauna Aufguss 2018


02 - 04 February 2018


Kristal Trimini Kochel am See

Seeweg 2
D-82431 Kochel am See

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Another event marks the World of Saunas & Aufguss: the 3 times World Champion Rob Keijzer, organizes the 1st Freestyle Masters Sauna Aufguss in the Sauna from over 200 places with 2 braziers at the Kristal Trimini Kochel am See in Germany on 2/4 February Master men, with 8 international Aufgussmeister by invitation:

  1. Lukasz Dluzniewski (PL)
  2. Jareth Gukuk (NL)
  3. Renè Duits (NL)

And on 04-06 May of the same year the Women’s Master, with 8 international Aufgussmeisterin by invitation:

  1. Katarzyna Klajn (PL)
  2. Anja Beker (D)
  3. Boglárka Szép (H)

5 international jurors including Italians, President Aufguss-WM Mario Santini and Patrich Holzknecht.

The formula is new and interesting: a first lap of modern Aufguss with movements classics, a second round of modern Aufguss with advanced techniques and a third round of freestyle battle between two Aufgussmeister

Masters Freestyle Aufguss 2018