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Freestyle Masters Sauna Aufguss 2019


31 - 03 February 2019


Kristal Trimini Kochel am See

Seeweg 2
D-82431 Kochel am See

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In the days 31 January - 3 February 2019 the 8 best Aufgussmeisterin and the 8 best Aufgussmeister confronted about technique, speed, rhythm, harmony in bringing air.
With the participation of men and women together the event was fantastic!
The spirit of the competition was incredible, the Aufgussmeister challenged each other each other with smile and an extraordinary collaboration, but what has left amazed is as in 3rd throw with freestyle technique, the 230 guests of the Sauna, guests of all ages, united by the same passion and involved enthusiastically, applauded and incited the competitors.
Rob and Jacqueline Keijzer (Towell) worked hard side by side with the property and the Kristall Team Sauna and the results have been seen!

Great collaboration between the international jury that after the initial breefing opened after each Aufguss a calm confrontation going so far as to proclaim winners the best Aufgussmeister Freestyle to the World.
Great job of the speaker Sabine, and the Sauna Polizei Rainer, assisted by all the staff of Kristall Therme.
Gianluca Bellantoni (Italian-German) wins the Men Masters, our congratulations to him!!
2nd place for Jaret Geluk (Netherlands) and 3rd place for Lukasz Dluniewski (Poland) (winner of the Freestyle last year) ahead of World Champion Aufguss-WM 2018 Maciek Piczura (Poland) and in 5th place our Italian Champion Aufguss 2018 Michael Niedermair.
Bogy Árka Szép (Hungary) wins the Women Masters and to her double compliments!!
2nd Kasia Klajn (Poland) from the Lukasz school, winner of the 2018 freestyle
3rd Our wonderful Sarah Niederkofler, a well deserved podium for the great job that she’s done since the beginning.


FMA 2019