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Italian Championship Aufguss 2015


2015 marks an epochal passage of the world of Saunas & Aufguss. Born on 14th November 2014, AISA (Italian Sauna and Aufguss Association) (Act at Rep 43.093 of the Notary Laura Curzel of Verona) that starts to full regime its activity in 2015 and organizes, in collaboration with Cascade Sand Im Taufers, the Italian Championship Aufguss 2015.
The Championship takes place at the Cascade in Campo Tures BZ from 2-5 July and thanks to the great job of AISA on communication and dissemination of the Sauna and Aufguss culture, the number of participants doubles in teams and triples in individuals compared to the previous year.
Given the high number of members, the organization is forced to add a day to the program already defined and the event this year is held on 4 intense days.
Note that Italy marks the highest number of entries in the National Championship (valid as a qualification for the Aufguss-WM World Championship), of all Nations Participants in the World Cup!
The number of members consists of 27 singles and 15 teams, for a total of 52 Aufguss in the 4 days.


  1. Enrico Ganassin (539,246 PT) Already Qualified due to the WM of 2013
  2. Alberto Dissegna (513,925 PT) Qualified to the WM
  3. Riccardo Marzi (506,779 PT) Qualified to the WM
  4. Massimo Xausa Wild Card for Aufguss WM
  5. Elisa Donà Wild Card for Aufguss WM


  1. Luca Baggio & Matteo Garbossa (666,000 PT) Qualified to the WM
  2. Christine Rose & Mario Santini (646,488 PT) Qualified to the WM
  3. Enrico Ganassin, Alberto Dissegna & Mirka Ganassin
  4. Daniele D'Amato & Paolo Dell'Omo
  5. Riccardo Marzi & Massimo Xausa