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Second Italian Championship Aufguss 2008


On the wave of the great success of the first edition and based on the interest aroused in the guests, the visionary Arnold Thum decided to carry on the project, so much so that in the March 2008 took place again at Cron4 in Brunico (BZ), the "2 nd Italian Aufguss Championship".
In this Championship 17 competitors participated between individuals and teams (consisting of two Aufgussmeister). Participants challenged each other by interpreting the Aufguss both as the choice of the essential oils, both with real choreography.

The competitors competed with shots of towel, interpreting this rite in a sometimes meditative or traditional key or even oriental, more or less choreographic with the help of assistants and suggestive music.
The jury, of all respect, was composed by Arnold Thum (Director Cron4), Luis (Acquarena) Kathrein Ossi (at  that time Terme Merano), Armin "Banana" (at that time Mardolomit), Großpitsch Andreas (former swimmer) and Franz Niederkofler (Bergila manufacturer of essential oils), In addition to the jury, was established a popular jury, and all participants (about 70 guests) an evaluation sheet was delivered on which to indicate their own judgment on the 5 elements of ventilation.

1) Professionalism (Professionalität)
2) Originality of the theme (Originalität)
3) Wave technique (Technik)
4) Essential oils (Benutzte Öle)
5) Silence of the Throw (Aufgussruhe)

The great success of the first edition, and the media coverage of the event, made significantly increase the number of registered Aufgussmeister, so that the organization, decided to divide the Championship into several stages, with 4 preselections in as many weekends, with votes carried out by the Popular Jury, while for the final phase
a Jury of Experts.
On March 02nd, the first preliminary selection was held (winner and qualified in the final Werner Burchia of Cron4 of Riscone.

Repeating the success of the previous year, also in this second edition, Andreas Kofler climbed on the top step of the podium, at a length the 2nd step of the podium to the Aufgussmeister Nicola Fabbianelli and at the 3rd place Werner Burchia Aufgussmeister of Cron4.

1. Andreas Kofler
2. Nicola Fabbianelli
3. Werner Burchia

Classifiche parziali Campionato Italiano 2008

Rosario Tripodi02 marzo
Johann Winding, Paul Oberhuber02 marzo
Werner Burchia 02 marzo
Christoph Gasser09 marzo38.12
Franco Rametta09 marzo37.26
Stefan larcher09 marzo34.68
Enrico Leonardi09 marzo30.71
Nicola Fabbianelli16 marzo43.56
Erika Leiter/Vanessa Leiter16 marzo40.28
Paolo Merler16 marzo41.00
Josef Nigg16 marzo32.88
Tiziana Pignatelli30 marzo41.24
Werner Auer/Michael Messner30 marzo41.11
Antonino Baccelliere30 marzo36.41
Edoardo Battistotti/Giuseppe Fato30 marzo31.66