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Sixth Aufguss Fantasy Championship 2014


17 - 18 October 2014


ACQUAIN Wellness

Viale del Parco, 1

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The sixth Aufguss Fantasy Championship at Acquain di Andalo (TN), is called this year "back to origins", trying to look for that simple emotion in the Aufguss, more related to the human being, the well-being and to the pure emotionality.

An excerpt from the regulation:

"The throws will be made only by a single master (not a team).
Each teacher involved in the competition will have to propose a theme, completely free.
To interpret it, he will only be able to use music, essential oils, his own technical ability and his own personality.
No decorations, stage costumes, choreography, custom lights or open flames or other show elements will be allowed.
It will be required to wear a kilt or a suit (for female competitors) that has no relevance to the theme, while leaving freedom of style and / or color.
In any case, no evaluation will be made by the Jury on any clothing of the casting master.
The grade, for each aspect, will be on a score from 1 to 5 (the best score).
The weight of each aspect will not be the same, to take into account the philosophy of the competition where personality and technique are rewarded.
The multiplicative coefficients for each aspect will therefore be:
- ability to present the casting; 0.8
- knowledge and use of essences; 0.8
- heat management and air movement; 1.4
- ventilation technique; 1
- professionalism, charisma and interpretation: 1.4
The final grade will be the sum of the averages of the scores obtained for each aspect, multiplied by their coefficient. "

The competition is open to all "professionals and amateurs”, distorting a bit the concepts for which she was born.
Acquain, this year restricts to 16 the number of registered Aufgussmeister.

Final ranking:

  1. Fabrizio Lollini. (23.18 PT)
  2. Mario Santini. (21,71 PT)
  3. Cristian Bonapersona (20,95 PT)
  4. Max Ferrari
  5. Christine Rose
  6. Alessia Zuliani
  7. Laura Bertoldi
  8. Alex Bauer
  9. Erica Elena Busarello
  10. Paolo Dell’Omo
  11. Igor Gallarato
  12. Daniele D’Amato
  13. Mirco “Natur” Bandini (penalty for time overrun)
  14. Rita Gandolfi
  15. Maurizio Magalotti
  16. Andrea “Spandy” Papis
  17. Fabrizio Lanzi (penalty for time overrun)
  18. Daniele Cesari
  19. Francesco “Fra” Milanese (penalty for show elements)
  20. Marco Gioiello Gardelli