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Sixth Sauna-WM World Championship 2014


24 - 26 October 2014

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Also in 2014, for the 6th Sauna-WM World Championship, the preliminary qualifications take place and in Italy back to the Hotel Viktoria of BZ. Two Aufgussmeisterin qualify for the World Championship: Tanja Ennemoser and Francesca Franco, respectively 1st and 2nd place and Helmut Haller takes advantage of the Wild Card.

1. Tanja Ennemoser
2. Francesca Franco
3. Helmut Haller
4. Renato Cazzolato
5. Luca Brighi

News for 2014, the qualification to the World Cup by sum of scores, without a specific competition, of two teams, Tanja Ennemoser- Helmut Haller and Renato Cazzolato-
Luca Brighi.

The final stage of the World Championship was held at the Alpenthermen in Austria; good positions for our bearers in the single, with the podium, 3rd place of Helly Haller, the 4th place of Tanja Ennemoser and 7th place Francesca Franco


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