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AUFGUSS-WM World Championship 2013


18 - 22 September 2013


SATAMA SAUNA RESORT & SPA am Scharmützelsee

Strandstrasse 12
15864 Wendisch Rietz

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In 2013, the World Championship changes home, it is allocated to the Satama Sauna Resort Berlin Spa (GER) with the participation of more than 50 competitors from 18 nations, with the final at Satama from 18 to 22 September, divided into two specialties: single and team.
The standing of the single, sees winner unopposed Farid Atai (AFG), a good 4th place of our Helmut Haller and the first appearance of Rob Keijzer who will take the steps for the result of next year.

Singles ranking:
1. Farid Atai (AFG)
2. Lone Ussing Elmstroem (DAN)
3. Nephat Mwangi (KEN)
4. Helmut Haller (ITA)
5. Julio Cesar Gonzalez Rincon (COL)
Farid Atai (AFG) Single World Champion 2013 AUFGUSS-WM.

The Team ranking, sees on the first step of the podium, the couple Ines Schneider - Nephat Mwangi (GER), and a good placement 4. place, of the Italians Tanja Ennemoser - Helmut Haller.

Team ranking:

  1. Ines Schneider-Nephat Mwangi (GER)
  2. Lisa Christensen- Julio Gonzales Rincon (USA-COL)
  3. Janina Lindner-Sabine Quäschning (GER)
  4. Tanja Ennemoser & Helmut Haller (ITA)
  5. Yvan Fermyn & Benoit De Bock

Ines Schneider-Nephat Mwangi (GER-KEN) Team World Champions 2013 AUFGUSS-WM.

SATAMA Aufguss-Weltmeisterschaft 2013

Helli Haller (Adreus SPA - Italia) - The Return

Sabine & Janina (Satama - Germania) - Rhythm of Heart

Nephat (Satama - Germania) - Masai Warrior

Ole, Olaf & Christian (Saunainsel - Germania) BluMen Group

Ines & Nephat (Satama - Germania) - Black & White

Lone (Danimarca) - Little Mermaid

Farid (Satama - Germania) - Prince of Persia