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Aufguss.it Training School


Via San Pietro, 20 - 36056 Tezze Sul Brenta (VI)





Aufguss.it Training School is the Aufgussmeister school of the Aufguss.it association which has been organizing training initiatives related to sauna and Aufguss since 2014.

Aufguss.it organizes the Basic Course for Aufgussmeister, recognized by AISA and preparatory to the issue of the AISA Diploma, as well as various advanced specialization courses for Aufgussmeister, such as:

  • Advanced ventilation techniques
  • Scrub in the steam cabin
  • Aufguss show

Aufguss.it also organizes Loylymaster courses in Italy dedicated to essential oils and natural flavors with materials and simultaneous translation in Italian.

  • Level 1: Working with essential oils in the sauna (2 days)
  • Level 2: Create a total sauna experience (2 days)
  • Relaxing and meditative smoke rituals in Aufguss (2 days)

Aufguss.it training school also organizes personalized courses dedicated to its collaborators and employees for professional operators (Hotels, Spas and Wellness Centers).